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Current Workshop: Writing for Self-Discovery

  “Voices Breaking Boundaries' teacher training program has been a much needed refuge, and a teacher haven for me. The writing and sharing exercises provide an enabling space to reach my inner wiser and creative core. My writings have surprised me and have allowed me to re-visit moments and parts of my life in a safe and nurturing environment. I am thankful to VBB for providing teachers like myself with this opportunity." -Shenaz Keshwani, HISD EducatorFeeling tired already? Overwhelmed by workload and new students? Need professional development hours? Join Voices Breaking Boundaries’ Writing for Self-Discovery (WSD) in Spring 2014 and get rejuvenated. Now in its seventh year, Writing for Self-Discovery is FREE and open to public school educators.

Voices Breaking Boundaries offers workshops that enrich literacy experiences for students as well as for educators. Our next teacher workshop series will kick off on Thursday, February 20, 2014!

Email to sign up today!

The teacher WSD workshops will be led by performance artist Marcela Descalzi and visual artist Jennifer Palermo (MA, LPC) and the student segment will be led by writer Jacsun Shah, Ph.D.

Our 2013-14 WSD workshops will be held at Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy.

Teacher Workshops-Writing for Self-Discovery (WSD):

Using the arts and creative writing as tools for reflection, WSD offers teachers innovative, cross-curricular activities to take back into their classrooms. Teachers will work with a trained artist and licensed professional counselor (LPC) to brainstorm solutions for their daily challenges when students’ personal struggles manifest themselves in behavior and academic difficulties. The workshops’ psychology component provides both theoretical and practical understanding of issues such as projections, reenactments, and displacements. This training is not intended for teachers to take on students’ problems; rather, the workshop equips teachers with knowledge to keep yourself steady as you deal with issues that arise in the classroom.

Other benefits include:

  • Avoiding emotional or psychological burn-out
  • Learning creative strategies and new curricular approaches
  • Strengthening relationships with students (and fellow teachers!)
  • Creating safe environments optimal for learning
  • Practicing stress relieving methods such as meditation and mindfulness
  • Opportunities to explore various genres, including poetry, short fiction, essay and memoir
  • Training from writers with different styles and backgrounds on a variety of writing strategies and techniques
  • Developing methods of constructive critique to look more honestly and profoundly at the process of writing
  • Having one’s own work reviewed in a nurturing and supportive environment within a community of writers

Most importantly, the workshop blocks out a time and a space for creativity and rejuvenation not for your students, not your families, but for YOU!!

Email to sign up today!

In-School Youth Workshops:

VBB’s WSD in-school youth workshops will give voice to at-risk, low-income youth by teaching TEKS aligned life skills through art. In class, VBB artist instruction will be supplemented by local artists who, together with VBB artists, will reach out to at-risk youth to train students in multi-disciplinary arts program, including writing, performance, video art and blogging.

Click here to see a stop-motion animation video created by Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy students who participated in VBB's 2013 Summer student workshop!

The workshops will train students to:

  • learn effective communication, independent thinking and proficient problem solving skills in accordance with TEKS reading/writing guidelines, such as editing and reviewing;
  • express themselves about the personal issues they face such as: family conflicts and problems in school caused shifting demography as a result of global migration patterns; war refugee status; displacement by poverty.
  • learn how to express their concerns to wider audience through writing, blogging, performance and filmmaking.

The workshops will culiminate with a teacher and student performance that is part of our Live Art Series Teachers and Students Speak Out 6.

Email to sign up today!

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