Voices Breaking Boundaries Borderlines Volume 1 Publications

As co-editor Dr. Margot Backus notes in her forward, the pieces in BORDERLINES: Volume One share a common focus on things that went wrong for certain groups when a new border was imposed and sensitively describe what happens to cultural, national, or linguistic identities that a new border stigmatizes, garbles, or renders untenable. The authors and artists employ an array of strategies to re-assert or reinvent cultural identities disrupted by politically expedient but socially disruptive borderlines. Their inventive re-conceptions of self, culture and community offer valuable inspiration to keep seeking ways to listen and exchange ideas across borders, and to co-create new, border-disruptive expressions, spaces and collectives. 

Cover Photograph: Mónica Arreola (Mexico)
Cover Design: Angela Martinez
Layout Artist: Joshua Turner
Artistic Director: Sehba Sarwar

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Drs. Margot Backus + Maria Gonzalez


Literary Contributors: Tehmina Ahmed, Monica Arreola, Margot Backus, Robinson Block with James Castillo and Frank Aguilar, Hafiza Nilofar Khan, Minerva Laveaga Luna, Sadya Mizan, Chintan Modi, Bapsi Sidhwa, Sehba Sarwar, Shreerekha Subramanian, Adriana Trujillo, Monica Villarreal.

Visual and Performance Artists: Mónica Arreola, Logan Beck, Britto Arts Trust, Devil Killing Moth, Sabina Haque, Michelle Garcia, Gustavo Jacabo, Autumn Knight, Sadya Mizan, Mercedes Negron, Promotesh Das Pulak, Ashim Haider Sagor, Kamruzzaman Shadhin, Emran Sohel, Samhita Sunya, Tentative Collective, Tanvir Murad Topu, Stalina Villarreal.