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a vbb east end live art production
POLITIQUEER - Call for Artists

Manong Juan by Julia LaChica

Voices Breaking Boundaries (VBB), in collaboration with artistic curators Jennifer Tyburczy and Sima Shakhsari, invite submissions of art to be featured in a show entitled:

Sunday, December 11, 2011
at the Houston Institute for Culture (708-C Telephone Road).

While any work that explores queer lives is welcome for submission, we are particularly looking for performance art pieces, dramatic readings, spoken word, and other forms of embodied art that examine the official and everyday dimensions of “queer politics,” understood broadly. Submissions of other visual or aural artworks are also welcome, except for installation.

Email submissions by October 10, 2011.

Submissions should consist of a 2-page CV and a 1-page abstract that would include the concept, the genre of art, and the logistics (e.g., space requirements, audience interactivity or not, tech). Photos and/or video of the piece or your body of artistic work are recommended. Possible themes for artistic pieces include but are not limited to:

The politics of everyday life, Intersex experiences, Sex in public, Identity Politics, Public signs of affection, Gay International,
Cruising, Pinkwashing, The politics of queer spaces, Disability,
Bisexuality, Transgender politics, Queer Imperialism, Normalizing the Queer, Human Rights Regimes, Prisons, Border Crossing/Passing, Sex work, Mainstreaming the Queer, Queer Diasporas, Militarism, Queer Media, Butch-Femme dynamics, Queer Fashion, Non-Western sexualities, Queer Orientalism, Intra-LGBT politics, White Privilege, Policing and discipline (bodies, art, practices, Queer Complicities), Violence, queer aesthetics, Queer Children, Rural/Urban dynamics, Adoption and children of queer parent(s), Queer exclusions, Asexuality, Queer women’s pleasure, Sexual laws, Sex toy circulation, Legislation on bullying, Queer citizenship, Sexual danger, Immigration, Domestic abuse, Sex panics, Gay marriage, HIV/AIDS, The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Sexual health, Homonationalism, Gay and lesbian tourism, Religion and sexuality, Queer representation, Pornography, Intergenerational relationships, Racial Politics/"queers of color" critique, War on Terror, BDSM, Homopatriarchy, Class stratification, Racial and Sexual Zoning of Houston, Labor politics, Lawrence v. Texas or other public/private issues.

This production is a part of the East End Live Art series that VBB produces every year, is connected to a conversation that VBB initiated in June 2011. Information on the past June 2011 show can be found here, and photos taken during the show here.

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