Between 2013 – 2017, through funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, Voices Breaking Boundaries developed a long-term project, BORDERLINES,

a multidisciplinary project that explored the social, political and cultural connections experienced by those living along North American and South Asian border regions while learning about the stories of two Houston neighborhoods, Gulfton and Near Northside.  An integral component of the project are publications that contain literary and visual art, showcasing contributions from writers and visual artists from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Canada, Mexico, the USA-Mexico border and Houston. All three BORDERLINES volumes are edited by Margot Backus, PhD, and Maria Gonzalez, PhD, directed by Sehba Sarwar, and designed by Joshua Turner.


Borderlines is the essence of Sarwar’s and VBB’s work. Through thought-provoking words and images, Borderlines seeks to cultivate understanding, create connections and pave pathways into cross-cultural experiences.

Voices Breaking Boundaries Borderlines Vol 1 Publications

BORDERLINES: Volume One Art Catalogue


Voices Breaking Boundaries Borderlines Vol 2 Publications

BORDERLINES: Volume Two Art Catalogue


Voices Breaking Boundaries Borderlines Vol 3 Publications

BORDERLINES: Volume Three Art Catalogue



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