Since 2013, VBB has produced four publications that showcase literary and visual art, and a new publication is forthcoming in Spring 2017.

First came Women Under Siege and Homes and Histories; two more publications, BORDERLINES Volumes One and Two, were launched in 2014 and 2015. All publications allow readers from around the globe to more deeply explore issues through visual art and writings. Each anthology features photography and links to videos from actual Living Room Art (LRA) productions along with additional commissioned essays, poems and interviews by artists and scholars. More than half of the commissioned work in Living Room Art catalogues originates in countries other than the USA.


BORDERLINES is the essence of Sarwar’s and VBB’s work. Through thought-provoking words and images, BORDERLINES seeks to cultivate understanding, create connections and pave pathways into cross-cultural experiences.

Voices Breaking Boundaries Borderlines Volume I Publications

BORDERLINES: Volume One Art Catalogue


Voices Breaking Boundaries Borderlines Volume II Publications

BORDERLINES: Volume Two Art Catalogue


Homes and Histories Art Catalogue


Voices Breaking Boundaries Women Under Siege Publications

Women Under Siege Art Catalogue



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