Voices Breaking Boundaries Borderlines Volume 2 Publications

 Co-editor Dr. Maria Gonzalez notes in her introduction that Borderlines: Volume Two, renders, vividly and from a range of positions, the experiecnes of stateless workers and communities upon whose labor virtually every country depends, but who are without official status or civil protections in the countries where they live and work. These pieces are explosive in nature, emotional by definition, and powerful in their words and images as they explore the conditions that relegate many boundary crossers to perpetual vulnerability and exploitation in nations unwilling to acknowledge those who work, live and die within their borders.

Cover Image: “I Am stuck by the History” from No Man’s Land by Mahbubur Rahman, Britto Arts Trust; photograph by Munem Wasif
Cover Design: Angela Martinez
Layout Artist: Joshua Turner
Artistic Director: Sehba Sarwar

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Drs. Margot Backus + Maria Gonzalez


Literary contributors: Nandita Bhavnani, Arlene Bowman, Selfa Chew-Smithart, Michelle Garcia, Tayeba Begum Lipi, Naila Mahmood, Emmy Perez, Harbeer Sandhu, Sehba Sarwar, Christina Sisk and Noor Zaheer.

Visual Artists: Asaro Collective, Diana Barrera, Logan Beck, Britto, Jimmy Castillo, CERRUCHA, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Maulo Lugo, Sophia Mairaj, Sadya Mizan, Veer Munshi, Masooma Syed, Tanvir Murad Topu, Monica Villarreal, Munem Wasif, Charisse Weston.


Borderlines is the essence of Sarwar’s and VBB’s work. Through thought-provoking words and images, Borderlines seeks to cultivate understanding, create connections and pave pathways into cross-cultural experiences.

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