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Homes and Histories further expands VBB’s Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Living Room Art production, which was held on the streets of Freedmen’s Town, Houston, with digital links to Lyari, Karachi (Pakistan) as well as to villages outside of Karachi. Freedmen’s Town was founded and built by enslaved people immediately after Emancipation in the 1860s, while Lyari is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Karachi and home to a large Baloch community whose roots are in east Africa. The catalogue features essayists who explore issues related to both communities; academics who discuss the history of Freedmen’s Town and the African diaspora; and writings by curators involved in VBB’s production. The publication also includes interviews with Freedmen’s Town residents Jackie Beckham, Lenwood Johnson, and Edward Braziel; and with members of Pakistan’s black Diaspora: Akbar Baloch, Rafique Baloch, Iqbal Hyder, Gul Mohammad, and Pir Buksh.

Cover Photograph: Burnell McCray
Cover Design:
Angela Martinez
Layout Artist: Joshua Turner
Artistic Director: Sehba Sarwar

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Sehba Sarwar + Joshua Turner




Literary Contributors: Gordon Anderson, Anne S. Chao, Stephen Fox, Haris Gazdar, Aslam Khwaja, Kairn Klieman, Autumn Knight, Babette Niemel, Sehba Sarwar, and Michael Woodson.

Visual and Performance Artists: Akbar Baloch, Paul Hester, Koumankele African Dance & Drum Ensemble, Burnell McCray, Robert Pruitt, Kaneem Smith, Wharton Dual Language Academy Drummers.


Borderlines is the essence of Sarwar’s and VBB’s work. Through thought-provoking words and images, Borderlines seeks to cultivate understanding, create connections and pave pathways into cross-cultural experiences.

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